Facter release notes


This page documents the history of the Facter 3.10 series.

Facter 3.10.0

Released February 14, 2018.

This is a bug-fix release that shipped with Puppet Platform 5.4.0, and includes support for FIPS-enabled systems.

Bug fixes

  • Previous versions of Facter reported errors when a hostname was exactly 64 bytes long (HOST_NAME_MAX) on Linux hosts. Facter 3.10.0 resolves this issue.

  • Facter 3.10.0 updates Facter’s cmake configuration to allow for a specific libdir target with a suffix, such as “lib64”, instead of relying on a hardcoded value.

  • Facter 3.10.0 logs an info message instead of a warning when reporting that SMBIOS serial lookup via kenv fails on FreeBSD, where the serial isn’t available.

New features

  • This versions adds a new fips_enabled Boolean fact, which checks /proc/sys/crypto/fips_enabled to determine whether the system is running in FIPS mode.
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