Reviewing resource statuses

In the Resource status report, you can view the status of a resource at a specified date and time and review commonalities among affected nodes. If resources are failing, the Resource status report can help you troubleshoot.

This report can help you answer questions like these: “How many corrective runs did this resource have on a particular day? Does a particular resource fail often and why on these nodes?”

You can use the chart filters to select a resource, resource status, and time period.

Node run statuses

On the Resource status page, you can use filters to see the status of a resource for the latest Puppet run. A resource can have one of the following statuses:


During the last Puppet run, this resource failed. Data Project Beta shows all nodes where the resource failed, even though the node as a whole might still be functioning normally.

After a resource fails, you can investigate the issue by reviewing the Failing resources report.

A possible reason for "failure" status is that the resource was not correctly applied to the node.

Corrective changes

During the last Puppet run, Puppet found inconsistencies between the last applied catalog and this node’s configuration, and corrected those inconsistencies to match the catalog.
Restriction: Corrective change reporting is available only on agent nodes that run Puppet Enterprise 2016.4 or later. Agents running earlier versions report all change events as "with intentional changes."

Intentional changes

During the last Puppet run, changes to the catalog were successfully applied to the node.


This node's last Puppet run was successful, and the node was fully compliant. No changes were necessary.