Release notes

These are the new features and known issues for the Data Project Beta 0.1.x release series.

Data Project Beta 0.2.0

Released March 2022

Note: This release requires a new Data Project Beta license.

New in this release:

  • Report icons. Data Project Beta reports have new icons in the UI navigation.

  • Remove filters. You can now click the X button to remove chart filters on each UI report.

  • Link to packages tab. On the Unpatched nodes page, clicking on a node takes you directly to the packages tab and sorts your data by available patches.

  • View retired nodes. On the Lost nodes report, you can now see a list of your retired nodes.

  • Group for "other" category. On the Nodes inventory page, you can now see a breakdown of data grouped in the "other" category.

  • Shortened attribute names. When selecting which attributes you want to activate, the active attribute names displayed in the sidebar have been shortened. You can see the full attribute name by hovering over it.

  • Message for expired license. Data Project Beta 0.2.0 displays a message when your license has expired.

  • UI short descriptions. Each UI page has a short description.

  • Link to documentation. You can now access the Data Project Beta documentation from the UI navigation.

Resolved in this release:
  • Purging nodes returns an error. Previously, purging nodes returned an incorrect error. This has been fixed.
Removed in this release:
  • Using a single license for Data Project Beta and Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise is no longer supported.

Data Project Beta 0.1.2

Released February 2022

Resolved in this release:

Data preservation. Previously, MinIO data was not saved if Data Project Beta was disabled. This release improves data preservation in MinIO.

Data Project Beta 0.1.1

Released February 2022

Features in this release:

  • Inventory reports:
    • Node inventory shows the distribution of your PE-managed nodes.
    • Package inventory shows all the packages in use across your infrastructure.
  • Historical reports:
    • Lost nodes shows all the nodes that have failed to report to PE in the last 24 hours.
    • Unpatched nodes shows all the nodes with pending pe_patch updates.
    • OS versions shows a history of changes to your operating system (OS) versions.

    • Infrastructure history shows a history of changes to a particular attribute in your infrastructure.
    • Failing resources shows a history of your failing resources and which nodes were affected.

    • Resource status shows the status of your resources on a specific day.
  • Node configuration details. Click a specific node to see its attributes and packages, and compare the configuration of that node on two different days.
  • Out-of-the-box charts. Each report provides charts so that you can visualise you data.
  • Filtering. Filtering is available on all report tables and charts.
  • Alerts. Use a webhook to create alerts on lost nodes.

Known issues

These are the known issues for the Data Project Beta 0.1.x release series.

Unpatched node limit

As a result of limitations in ElasticSearch, Unpatched nodes does not accurately report the unpatched node count and percentage if you have more than 1000 nodes. Note that the data also includes unpatched lost nodes. This limitation is noted on the Unpatched nodes page.