Package inventory

The Package inventory shows all packages in use across your infrastructure by name, version and provider, as well as the number of instances of each package version in your infrastructure.

Note: If two packages have the same name and version, but are from different providers, Data Project Beta counts them as separate packages.

Packages are a resource. The package inventory shows you all your packages — active and archived. For more information, see Activate attributes and resources.

You can use the Package inventory to identify which nodes are impacted by packages that need maintenance updates, security patches, and license renewals. Package management is available for all agent nodes.

Package details

The package table displays the following information about each package:

  • Activation status — click the active icon to activate or archive the package.

  • Package name

  • Version number

  • The number of nodes that contain that package

  • Package provider

Click a package name to view the details, and use the filters to compare the package on two different days. You also have the option to archive the package.