Reviewing infrastructure history

The Infrastructure over time report shows changes to an attribute over a period of time. Attributes include Puppet facts, Resource Abstraction Layer (RAL) data, and packages.

You can use this report to answer questions like this: “We updated the client version from 7.12.0 to 7.12.1. Was this update applied correctly?”

You can use the chart filters to select an attribute and time period. A report is generated in which your nodes are displayed as a distribution. Each color segment represents a different operating system version. Hover over a color segment to see information about that operating system version. To focus on one operating system version, click that color segment. All other segments are removed.

You can expect to see color segments in a steady flow over time. Sudden changes could indicate that the configuration was updated unintentionally.

To activate an attribute that is not currently displayed in the report, you can click Activate attributes and search for an attribute.