Identifying failing resources

The Failing resources report displays failing resources — including deactivated resources — over time.

If you rely on Puppet Enterprise to automatically update your nodes, you want to identify failures quickly. Use the Failing resources report to find out why a resource failed, which nodes are affected, and whether the nodes have anything in common. You can answer questions like these: “How often do my resources fail and which nodes are affected?”

You can use the chart filters to select a module, resource, and time period. The report shows you the date when something changed, for example, when a resource failed or was fixed.

Along with the overall trend of resource failures, the Failing resources report includes tabs that list failed resources and affected nodes, with the following information:

  • Failed resources:
    • Activation status
    • Resource name
    • Total failures
  • Affected nodes:
    • Node name
    • Total failures
    • Operating system
    • Operating system version

Click a node name to view the Node details page.

You can activate all failing resources by clicking Activate all, or click Activate attributes to activate an attribute that is not in the table. When you activate a resource, you move the associated data from cold storage to hot storage so that the data can be displayed in reports.