Enable high availability


After the initial installation process is complete, create a highly available Continuous Delivery for PE architecture by adding a load balancer and additional control nodes.

Before you begin
Review the architecture diagram for Installation with a proxy or load balancer using enhanced TLS.
  1. Create a load balancer for your Continuous Delivery for PE cluster. The load balancer must forward the following ports:
    Port Protocol Purpose Source Destination
    Continuous Delivery for PE ports
    443 TCP Web UI Browser Continuous Delivery for PE
    8000 TCP Webhook service Source control Continuous Delivery for PE
    Platform ports
    6443 TCP Kubernetes API Admin workstation Kubernetes host
    8800 TCP Platform admin console Admin browser Kubernetes host
    9001 (offline installations only) TCP Local registry for offline installations Job hardware Kubernetes host
  2. Add the IP address of the control node on which Continuous Delivery for PE is installed to the load balancer.
  3. Verify that load balancer health checks are succeeding.
  4. Update the DNS entry for the Continuous Delivery for PE service that you created in step 1 of the installation instructions. This entry must now point to the load balancer's IP address.
  5. Add at least two additional control plane nodes to your cluster.
    1. In the platform admin console, click Cluster Management. Your Continuous Delivery for PE control node's details are listed here.
    2. Click Add a node. Select Master Node and wait for the platform admin console to generate a customized installation command for you. Copy the command.
    3. SSH into each new control plane node and run the command. The installation process will take a few minutes. A node joined successfully message is printed when the process is complete.
    4. Verify that your cluster now has at least three nodes by running kubectl get nodes.
  6. Add the new control plane nodes to the load balancer.
Your Continuous Delivery for PE installation is now configured for high availability.
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