Configure a Continuous Delivery for PE module installation using classification


Once you've completed the installation of Continuous Delivery for PE using the cd4pe module, you can use classification to configure the software.

  1. In the PE console, click Classification. Expand the PE Infrastructure node group and click Continuous Delivery for PE.
  2. Click Configuration. In the Add new class field, select cd4pe::root_config.
  3. Enter parameters for the class, as follows:
    root_emailThe email address to associate with the root account.Required.
    root_passwordThe password to associate with the root account.
    CAUTION: To set your password successfully, you must set the root_password parameter to Sensitive using Hiera. This parameter cannot be set successfully in the PE console. For instructions, see Setting sensitive parameters in Hiera.
    Note: If you need to update the root account password, first do so in the Continuous Delivery for PE web UI, and then update the password in the PE console using this parameter.
    storage_providerWhich object store provider to use. Must be one of: DISK, ARTIFACTORY or S3. Defaults to DISK.
    storage_bucketThe name of the bucket used for object storage. Required if using Amazon S3 or Artifactory for object storage.
    storage_endpointThe URL of the storage provider.Required if using Amazon S3 or Artifactory for object storage.
    storage_prefixFor Amazon S3: the subdirectory of the bucket to use.

    For Artifactory: the top level of the Artifactory instance.

    s3_access_keyThe AWS access key that has access to the bucket.Required if using Amazon S3.
    s3_secret_keyThe AWS secret key that has access to the bucket. Required if using Amazon S3.
    artifactory_access_tokenAPI token for your Artifactory instance. Required if using Artifactory.
  4. Commit your changes and run Puppet on the node group.
  5. When the Puppet run is complete, navigate to port 8080 of the Continuous Delivery for PE host server. Click Trial Mode to start a free seven-day trial. Once this period is complete, you'll be prompted to generate and upload a license. See Generate a license for instructions on creating a free 30-day trial license.

Now that Continuous Delivery for PE is installed and configured, create your individual user account and then move on to these next steps:

Setting sensitive parameters in Hiera

When passing sensitive information, such as the root password for Continuous Delivery for PE, as parameters, set the value of these parameters as Sensitive in Hiera.

To set the value of parameters from String to Sensitive in Hiera, add the parameters to a lookup_options section in the common.yaml file. For example:

    convert_to: 'Sensitive'
    convert_to: 'Sensitive'
    convert_to: 'Sensitive'
    convert_to: 'Sensitive'  
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