Component versions in PAM releases

These tables show the versions of components included in recent Puppet Application Manager (PAM) releases.

Component PAM 1.68.0
Kubernetes 1.21.8
KOTS 1.68.0
Weave 2.8.1
Project Contour 1.20.1
Registry 2.7.1
Prometheus bundle 0.49.0-17.1.1
containerd 1.4.12
Velero 1.6.2
ekco 0.16.0
Kubernetes Metrics Server 0.4.1
Rook (HA only) 1.5.12
MinIO (Standalone only) 2020-01-25T02-50-51Z
OpenEBS (Standalone only) 2.6.0

Looking up component versions

To view a list of the component versions included in your current version of PAM, run the following:
kubectl get installer -o jsonpath="{.items[].spec}" |jq
You can find more information about the current PAM version's component versions by navigating to the website appropriate to your installation type: