A list of the features and functions deprecated or removed from Bolt 1.x.

WARNING: changes to aws::ec2, pkcs7, and task plugins

To improve consistency of plugin behavior, there are three changes to plugins. The aws::ec2 plugin is now named aws_inventory. The pkcs7 plugin now expects encrypted_value rather than encrypted-value. The task plugin now expects tasks to return both Target lists and config data under the value key instead of the targets or values keys.

WARNING: Ubuntu 14.04 is deprecated (1.30.0)

Bolt will drop support for Ubuntu 14.04 in the near future. Users can install Bolt from the Ubuntu 16.04 package.

lookups removed from target_lookups (0.25.0)

We have deprecated the target-lookups key in the experimental inventory file v2. To address this change, migrate any target-lookups entries to targets and move the plugin key in each entry to _plugin.

Configuration location ~/.puppetlab/bolt.yaml (0.21.0)

When the directory Boltdir was added as the local default configuration directory, the previous directory, ~/.puppetlab/bolt.yaml, was deprecated in favor of ~/.puppetlabs/bolt/bolt.yaml. For more information on the current default directory for configfile, inventoryfile and modules, see Configuring Bolt. (BOLT-503)
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