Create a configuration file to store and automate the command-line flags you use every time you run Bolt.

By default $HOME/.puppetlabs/bolt/ is the base directory for user-supplied data such as the configuration and inventory files or the Boltdir. To set up a default global configuration for Bolt, create a ~/.puppetlabs/bolt/bolt.yaml file with global options at the top level of the file. Configure transport specific options for each transport. If a config option is set in the config file and passed with the corresponding command-line flag, the flag takes precedence.

Before it uses the global directory $HOME/.puppetlabs/bolt, Bolt searches for Boltdir in the parent directories of the directory from which it was run. If found, Boltdir is the default location for configuration, inventory, and modules instead of the global path. When you commit a Boltdir to a project you can share Bolt configuration and code between users.

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