Known issues for the Bolt 0.x release series.

Task module removed from Bolt gem

Starting with Bolt 0.20.0, gems no longer include extra task modules. These modules are available in puppet-bolt packages. [BOLT-531]

Error from run_task plan causes uncaught exception (0.15.0)

Details of some exceptions generated within plans are lost when using Ruby 2.0. [BOLT-311]

Bolt does not load tasks from subdirectories

Bolt cannot find and load tasks located in module subdirectories. For example, Bolt could run a task located in ./tasks/ (or module::mytask), but not one located in ./tasks/examples/ (or module::examples::mytask) . [BOLT-190]

Bolt does not support literal IPv6 addresses

Bolt supports IPv6 addresses when they enclosed in square brackets. [BOLT-120]

Running Bolt from source sometimes causes errors on Linux

When running Bolt from source on some Linux distros, you may get the error "LoadError: cannot load such file -- io/console". [BOLT-80]

Nodes are a String data type

The data type used in plans for a list of nodes is currently a generic String data type. Additionally, there is no built in functionality to split up a comma-separated list of nodes. [PUP-8020]

String segments in commands must be triple-quoted in PowerShell

When running Bolt in PowerShell with commands to be run on *nix nodes, string segments that can be interpreted by PowerShell need to be triple quoted. [BOLT-159]

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