Configuring Azure


Before installing PE, select an appropriate Azure machine type and configure a security group to accommodate PE's required network ports.

Selecting an Azure machine type

The VM you're running PE on must have sufficient memory and processing power.

To fulfill the hardware requirements, use at least a Standard D3 v2 VM as a minimum baseline. The PE installation contained in this image does not include additional Puppet compile masters and therefore should not manage more than 4,000 nodes.

Security groups

The PE ARM template defines the ports that are required for PE VM to be configured and accessible. The security group is created in the resource group associated with your account.  

TCP ports

TCP PortDescriptionVPC Access
22SSHExternally visible
433Puppet Enterprise console (HTTP)Externally visible
8140Puppet masterVisible inside virtual network only
8142Orchestration servicesVisible inside virtual network only
8143Orchestration servicesVisible inside virtual network only
61613MCollectiveVisible inside virtual network only
For more information about PE's required network availability, see its documentation
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