Connecting agents


To connect agents to the master, this image is configured to use private (internal) EC2 hostnames.

Before you begin
To manage nodes outside of EC2 or across EC2 VPCs, such as when managing on-premises nodes or using EC2 classic mode, configure the master by running the script:
sudo /opt/puppetlabs/aws/bin/ public

This image contains agent packages for all supported platforms. These instructions are a quick reference to *nix agent installation and configuration process. For detailed information, including installing on other operating systems, see the supported Puppet Enterprise versions topic.

To manage a new *nix node:

  1. Launch the node, then connect (SSH) to it.
  2. Install the agent package for a typical *nix platform by running:
    curl -k https://<PUPPET-MASTER-HOST>:8140/packages/current/install.bash |
    sudo bash

    Use the EC2 private hostname or IP address of the master for <PUPPET-MASTER-HOST>.

    During installation, the agent submits a certificate signing request to the master.

  3. If certificate auto-signing is not enabled on the master, manually sign the agent certificate request using the console or command line by running:
    sudo puppet cert list
    sudo puppet cert sign <NAME>
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