Amazon Web Services Marketplace Image user guide


Thank you for choosing Puppet Enterprise (PE). System administrators use PE to programmatically provision, configure, and manage servers, network devices, and storage, whether in a data center or in the cloud.

This guide covers how to install, configure, and use the Puppet Enterprise Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace Image.


This AWS Marketplace Image (AMI) contains a monolithic installation of PE, comprised of a collection of PE services running on a single EC2 instance—the Puppet master. The PE Architecture Overview describes PE's major services and components.

After you launch the image in EC2, PE is automatically and securely configured during operating system boot. Unique keys and certificates are generated, PE services are started, and the local node is brought under PE management.

Next, install Puppet agent on systems that will be managed by the master. Agent packages are included for all supported platforms, including *nix distributions, Windows, and Mac OS X, soyou can deploy and provision a PE managed Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

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