An automated approach to managing infrastructure

If you rely on time-consuming manual processes or a collection of scripts to manage infrastructure, it’s time for a better way. Puppet Enterprise automates the configuration of your machines and the software running on them, so you spend less time fighting fires. Puppet Enterprise works with your entire infrastructure, spanning servers with different operating systems, network devices, storage, middleware and applications.
Configuration Automation

Model and automatically enforce configurations

Using Puppet’s simple, easy-to-read declarative language, define your infrastructure based on its desired state. Puppet Enterprise enforces your configurations and automatically remediates any unexpected change, giving you confidence that your systems are always in a known good state.
Model and enforce

Define and manage infrastructure as code

With Puppet Enterprise, you can manage your infrastructure as code, and use the same tools and processes that developers use to manage software: version control, code review, automated testing, continuous integration and automated deployment. Treating infrastructure as code makes it easier for dev, ops and QA teams to collaborate, enabling you to adopt DevOps practices in your organization. And of course, these practices can speed deployments and improve software quality.

Infrastructure as code

Deploy servers faster, with less downtime

Puppet’s model-driven approach eliminates human error and enforces configurations, assuring that systems run as you intended. Puppet Enterprise lets you configure and deploy servers in minutes, while eliminating unexpected changes that cause downtime.
Deploy servers fast

Get started with thousands of prebuilt modules

Get started managing your infrastructure quickly by choosing from thousands of prebuilt Puppet Forge modules. They're like building blocks for automating everything from DNS and NTP to Apache web servers, MySQL database servers, AWS, Docker containers, and much more.
Puppet Forge modules
Get Puppet Enterprise on up to 10 nodes for free.