1. Be open. Be direct. Show respect.

We’re building an inclusive environment where thoughtfulness and honesty are valued, and showing respect is unconditional. We prioritize diversity, appreciate each other’s experiences, and avoid rushing to judgement.

2. Be the team you want to work with.

We team up so that we accomplish things that alone we could not. Our professionalism shows in our generous communication, customer focus, and commitment to accountability. We celebrate successes and lift each other up.

3. Own. Involve. Solve. Share.

This is how we get things done: with initiative, discernment, dedication, and transparency. We hold ourselves accountable for doing what we say we will, including teammates with a variety of outlooks and skills, sharing what we know and discover, and continually learning and improving.

4. Solve your customer’s problem.

We live to solve tough problems, and it’s our mission to make our customers more powerful through software. We prioritize customer experience above our own comfort, work hard to earn and keep their confidence, and are dedicated to understanding and empowering them.

5. Community empowered. Empowering community.

We believe in giving back to the communities that we’re involved in: the open source ecosystem, our customers and business partners, and the cities and towns we live and work in. We are stronger, have better results, and move faster because we are engaged with people and organizations beyond our walls.