Puppet and Replicated Partner for Kubernetes-Based Software Delivery

Cloud native-based approach delivers better, more composable Puppet product offering

PORTLAND, Ore., Sept. 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Puppet, the industry standard for infrastructure automation, today announced a partnership with Replicated, a modern platform for delivering and operationalizing modern enterprise applications, built on cloud-native tools and practices. Through this technology partnership, Replicated’s KOTS (Kubernetes Off-The-Shelf) platform gives Puppet a way to deliver, scale and operationalize Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise – a cloud-native solution for scaling DevOps automation and practices across an organization.

“As an infrastructure automation software company, we understand and recognize the importance of Kubernetes as an infrastructure management technology,” said Abby Kearns, CTO, Puppet. “Replicated’s KOTS platform leverages the power of Kubernetes and allows us to deliver our software in a reliable, scalable, and cloud-native way. This enables us to focus on building and innovating on the products our customers love.”

Replicated’s KOTS platform enables software vendors to seamlessly and continuously deliver cloud-native applications to an increasingly complex and diverse array of target customer environments. Puppet’s end customer is able to deploy, operate, and gain added value from the core automation that Puppet delivers. Puppet can now focus product and engineering efforts on accelerating innovation.

“Software vendors need a simple, reliable way to deliver applications to enterprise customers that doesn’t require dedicated IT resources to deploy and manage,” said Grant Miller, Replicated CEO. “Partnering with Replicated, vendors are able to substantially reduce the cost of installing and supporting their applications, while providing their end customer an intuitive operational experience.”

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Replicated is the modern way to ship on-prem software. We give SaaS vendors a container-based platform for easily deploying their cloud-native applications inside customers’​ environments. Because security and control still matter. Learn more at www.Replicated.com.