Puppet Delivers the Puppet Development Kit -- Module Building For the Rest of Us

New, Prescriptive Workflows and Easy-to-Use Tools for Anyone to Write Puppet Code

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwired - Aug 15, 2017) - Puppet, the standard for automating the delivery and operation of the software that powers everything around us, today announced the availability of the Puppet Development Kit, enabling users with new prescriptive workflows and easy-to-use tools for anyone to write Puppet code. With the Puppet Development Kit, users now have a single bundle of tools with a unified, straightforward interface to develop, test and publish Puppet code.

Organizations increasingly seek to unify fragmented processes, consolidate tools, and standardize the way they get software in the hands of their customers. In doing so, they turn to Puppet to automate the delivery and operation of their software. As organizations look to expand their automation footprint with Puppet, they need simple tools and prescriptive best practices to develop Puppet modules that are tested, hardened and trusted.

"We're putting practices in place that enable us to deliver change at a more predictable faster pace whilst reducing costs, and Puppet is a critical variable in that process," said Steven Hawkins, Build & Release Engineer, Hiscox. "From what I have seen, Puppet's new development kit will simplify the entry point to delivering Puppet modules, helping us to scale these practises across the organisation."

With the availability of the Puppet Development Kit, Puppet continues to build on its community engagement and module ecosystem, enabling new users to quickly and easily adopt existing code, rather than create it for themselves. It is now easier than ever to develop and test Puppet modules by providing a simple, unified interface to a set of helpful tools for anyone who writes or consumes Puppet code.

Leveraging the Puppet Development Kit, users can now:

  • Quickly get started developing modules using best practices and new tools that enable users to develop, test and publish high-quality Puppet modules with confidence;
  • Shift quality to the left by catching issues earlier and faster before Puppet code is applied to production infrastructure;
  • Unit test modules from Windows, OS X and Linux workstations to ensure that Puppet code is creating and managing configuration resources as intended; and
  • Develop and share even more high-quality content from Windows, OS X and Linux workstations.

"Writing Puppet code should be a radically intuitive, self-service experience," said Omri Gazitt, chief product officer, Puppet. "The Puppet Development Kit gives users a proven path to unify their fragmented processes, consolidate tools and standardize the way that they get software in the hands of their customers and end users."

As the demonstrated leader in modern automation, Puppet has a vibrant community of customers, users and partners who contribute configuration content that makes it faster and easier to get up and running with Puppet. Today, the Puppet Forge includes more than 5,000 modules of pre-written configuration code for managing an entire infrastructure -- everything from NTP and DNS to Apache, IIS, WebSphere, Microsoft Azure, Splunk, Docker and much more.

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