Latest Puppet Updates Focus on Continuous Compliance, Continuous Deployment, and Incident Remediation

New Puppet product updates reaffirm the company’s vision for abstracting complexities and empowering users to invent, create and drive innovation across multi-cloud environments

PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PUPPETIZE PDX - Puppet, the standard for automating the delivery and operation of the software that powers everything around us, today kicked off its annual user conference, Puppetize PDX in Portland, Ore. by announcing enhancements to its current product portfolio and the public beta of a new project focused on providing a simplified continuous deployment workflow.

Puppet continues to empower its customers to effectively deliver infrastructure and software safely, securely and at scale in an automated and self-service manner across multi-cloud environments. As a leader in DevOps automation, Puppet’s latest product updates help customers enforce compliance at scale; reduce the time to remediate vulnerabilities; provide continuous deployment for cloud-native and serverless technologies.

“With cloud-native architectures on the rise and infrastructure environments becoming more distributed and heterogeneous, ensuring they can scale in a secure, auditable, and efficient manner becomes more challenging,” said Yvonne Wassenaar, CEO of Puppet. “That’s why Puppet is focused on building solutions and contributing to open source projects that focus on making it easier to automate your infrastructure and remove complexities in the way that best suits your needs; agent, agentless, declarative, and task-based. Whether you are managing Linux environments and/or Windows environments, node centric and/or containerized applications, running a traditional data center and/or moving things to the public cloud; we are here to help. We are meeting our customers where they are and taking them to where they need to be in an increasingly multi-cloud world.”

Moving to Continuous Deployment with Cloud-Native Technologies
As more companies look to adopt cloud-native technologies, they are stymied when it comes to composing heterogeneous cloud-native tools into a single end-to-end deployment workflow to scale to multiple teams.

Puppet’s latest product, Project Nebula — now available for public beta — is looking to address this problem by giving software delivery teams a consistent, easy-to-use experience for deploying cloud-native apps in a safe, secure and continuous manner. More on the news on Puppet’s blog.

Extensibility of Automation and Continuous Compliance with Puppet Enterprise
Puppet Enterprise 2019.2, which is generally available in early November and being previewed at Puppetize PDX, continues to focus on expanding customer use cases to solve infrastructure needs at scale and ensures continuous compliance to multiple teams to meet operational, regulatory and security requirements.

The ability to test compliance-related changes in a safe way becomes harder as companies look to expand infrastructure delivery to multiple teams. In order to solve this, Puppet created Impact Analysis which eliminates the guesswork for assessing which servers, configurations, and services will be affected by code changes before deployment. The latest iteration of Impact Analysis now supports customers with Hiera for code reusability and increased productivity.

Additional new features and capabilities from Puppet Enterprise 2019.2 include:

  • New compliance capabilities for federal agencies that must adhere to Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPs), IPv6 networks, and accessibility standards.
  • New self-service workflows to orchestrate multistep changes across environments via “plans” in the Puppet Enterprise console.
  • Agentless enhancements including support for Cisco IOS network devices and improved inventory management from a single dashboard.

More information on Puppet Enterprise 2019.2 in this blog post.

Incident Remediation to Find and Fix Vulnerabilities More Quickly

Announced at the end of August, Puppet introduced a product focused on vulnerability remediation called Puppet Remediate. The latest version is focused on helping IT teams find, prioritize and remediate mission-critical vulnerabilities faster. In the latest State of DevOps report, only 7% of firms surveyed were able to remediate vulnerabilities in less than one hour. More updates on this new product found here.

Additional updates from Puppet include:

  • Multi-cloud provisioning with Terraform and Bolt. Learn more.
  • New integrations with Bolt Tasks and Splunk's data platform for improved reporting speed and scale. Learn more.
  • Updated Puppet Plugin for vRealize Orchestrator version 3.2 available on the VMware Solution Exchange. Learn more.
  • Improved infrastructure automation with Microsoft Powershell and Bolt. Learn more.

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