Meet Puppet’s New Product Lineup

Join us for a live webinar - 26 October, 4:30-5:30 p.m. PT

As we enter a new age of automation — where every company needs to be able to deliver better software, faster — our goal is to provide the tools you need to iterate faster, ship sooner and deliver more customer value.

Earlier this month we announced brand new products, Puppet Tasks and Puppet Discovery, to give you greater control and end-to-end visibility over your software delivery. We also introduced exciting updates to Puppet Enterprise and a new integration with Splunk. Plus, the continuous delivery automation software company, Distelli, joined the Puppet family!

  • It’s been a big month, and it’s only getting better. Join Nigel Kersten, Chief Technical Strategist, and Tim Zonca, VP of Marketing, on 26 October at 4:30 p.m. PT for an in-depth look at what’s new:
  • Puppet Discovery™ is a new offering that lets you see everything you have in real time across your on-premises, cloud and container infrastructure, and know what you need to automate next.
  • Puppet Tasks™, a new offering that encompasses both Puppet Bolt™ and Puppet Enterprise Task Management, makes it simple to automate ad hoc tasks, deploy one-off changes, and execute sequenced actions in an imperative way.
  • Our new integration with Splunk provides a unified workflow between the intelligence provided by Splunk and the automation provided by Puppet, giving you the power to turn insights into action faster.
  • With Distelli joining Puppet, we’re uniting the entire software delivery lifecycle, to bring you a platform built for the enterprise, that integrates with a wide variety of tools and helps you avoid vendor lock-in.

Can’t make it to the webinar? Register anyway, and we’ll send you a link to the recording once it’s available.

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