To survive in today’s complex “deliver better software, faster” era, organizations all over the world are in some state of transformation. Many call it DevOps, or digital transformation, moving to the cloud, adopting containers, agile IT. Whatever you call it, it’s about accelerating the delivery of a consistent and compelling customer experience through software. To do this successfully, CIOs must do three things: 1) become transformational agents; 2) embrace and champion DevOps culture, and 3) standardize, simplify and automate their software delivery pipeline at scale. 

Argyle Executive forum, in partnership with Puppet, is bringing together leading CIOs and senior IT executives across industries to discuss best practices in evolving digital transformation strategy for The 2018 Virtual Event: Scaling DevOps Success to Deliver Better Software, Faster. Join us along with Sanjay Mirchandani, CEO of Puppet as we discuss the following topics and more: 

• Key characteristics of transformational leaders and their success in DevOps and digital transformation 
• Attributes and practices of high-performing teams 
• The foundational role automation plays in DevOps success 
• Key challenges and solutions to standardizing, simplifying and automating software delivery at scale

2018 Scaling DevOps Success to Deliver Better Software, Faster