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AppSecEU, Belfast Ireland

 “Security and the Self-Contained Unit of Software” 

  • Gareth Rushgrove, Puppet Software Engineer,  

Containers, microservices, the 12 factor app methodology, unikernels;
all of these are examples of a theme in modern development towards
both smaller and more self-contained components. These patterns
stretch to breaking point the idea that an edge firewall or
well-configured application server can address all of your security

What does this mean for application security? How can existing
security tools take advantage of these self-contained applications?
Most importantly, what security features or functionality can we move
from the infrastructure to being part of this new unit of software?

In this talk we’ll discuss:

* The advantages and disadvantages of the application as a black box
* Ways of asking questions and aggregating information from across
your new distributed system
* Examples of other operational concerns moving from the
infrastructure to the application, for instance with metrics and
application health information
* The importance of relating build-time and runtime data to fully
understand the state of your system

Speaking Engagement

2 Lanyon Pl

AppSecEU: “Security and the Self-Contained Unit of Software” by Gareth Rushgrove

2 Lanyon Pl