Join us for #puppethack, our online puppet community hack day, on 23 May 2017! 

#puppethack is a collaborative, relaxed online Puppet community hack day. It's an opportunity for Puppet community members and Puppet employees to tackle interesting or fun Puppet projects. Everyone will gather online, get to know each other, and collaborate on pull requests.

Who is #puppethack for?

  • #puppethack is an event for intermediate/advanced Puppet users, contributors, developers, module authors, docs writers, and anyone else contributing to the Puppet community.
  • Simultaneously, #puppethack is also for those who are already using Puppet but are new to contributing to it - and want to learn more.
  • This is *not* a good event for folks who are new to Puppet entirely, as we won't be going over the basics of what Puppet is.

Don't forget that #puppethack, like all Puppet Community participation, falls under our community guidelines, which also contain helpful tips for using IRC, our bug tracker, and other relevant tools.

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#puppethack - Online Community Hack Day