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We have recently decided to retire the Puppet Developer certification exam, effective Sept. 30, 2014.

This exam, which focuses on developing for Puppet using Ruby, is approaching the end of its second year, and in evaluating the demand for this type of certification, we’ve found there isn’t enough interest within the Puppet community to warrant an update.

If you currently hold a Puppet Developer certification, it will not expire. However, as we continue to release newer versions of Puppet, your credential will be further out of sync with each version.

Please note that our second certification offering, Puppet Professional, will still be available. If you aren’t certified yet, it’s a great opportunity to validate your skills in using Puppet to manage infrastructure. Learn more about the Puppet Professional Certification.

If you have any questions, please let us know!

What is Puppet Certified?
The Puppet Certification Program is designed to validate and recognize outstanding IT professionals who have the technical capabilities and real-world experience required to manage their infrastructure proactively throughout its lifecycle using Puppet IT automation software. Puppet certifications are available worldwide at a Pearson VUE center near you.

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Jac, the Puppet certification exams are available in India in a couple of testing centers near Bangalore. Go to and click Locate a Test Center to find the one nearest you.

Is there any non-PuppetLabs similar certification people know of? Something that would do Ruby development, TDD, RSpec, RDoc and so on.

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