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A new version of the Learning Puppet VM has hit the shelves! If you haven't already downloaded the Learning VM, get yours here.

A major goal of this release was to build the foundation we’ll need to get content updates out to users more frequently and easily. Now you can update quest content, tests, and tools in just seconds by entering a single command on the VM, instead of downloading the entire VM again. To get the newest Learning VM content, download the "LATEST" version of the Learning VM Guide. (EDIT: The new version of the Learning VM no longer uses a PDF Quest Guide. On downloading the VM, follow the instructions in the readme document to get started.)

This change lets us iterate on quest content, independent of the VM itself. Now we’ll be able to release new content more frequently, and respond more quickly to your feedback.

We have improved test coverage for the VM, and several issues that users pointed out to us have been fixed. Here are the major issues and fixes:

  • High load averages under certain circumstances. This has been fixed by caching the results of the tests. Thanks to Evan Langlois for his contributions in this regard.
  • Errors and inconsistencies in the content. Many thanks to all the users who wrote in with suggestions, and special thanks to Carl Zetie for his comments and help.
  • Security updates for Shellshock.
  • Fixed a quest tool issue that caused inconvenience. Now the quest tool no longer requires exact matches of paths in commands in order to register certain tasks as complete.
  • Fixed an issue with improperly cached Forge modules.

We now have a public issue tracker for the Learning VM. Please report issues in the tracker, and thanks in advance!

The repository containing quest content is also public. Fork courseware-lvm now, and send us your pull requests! :)

We’re going to continue developing and improving the Learning VM. Over time, you’ll see new quests, a rewrite of existing quests, and more frequent content updates. We’re happy to say the quest-based approach to learning has been hugely successful and popular, and we want to say a HUGE thank-you to everyone who has offered comments, suggestions, issues, and compliments.

Carthik Sharma is a technical instructor at Puppet Labs.

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So, trying to work through the quests, and it's not registering the quests as being completed.
Tried to use the LATEST update as above, but no instructions as to where to unpack it to.
Any clues ?

Hi Simon,
You need to download the updated Learning VM. It comes with a command "quest update" that will do the needful to put the files in place etc. Also, if you are using the new VM, please make sure you follow the instructions in the guide with regards to logging out the VM and ssh-ing to it. That will enable the quest tracking etc.

In any case, should you have an issue, please email us at [email protected], or file a ticket at: . I would love to not have to use the comments to the blog post for troubleshooting and help.


Ahh, I understand now. I thought from the blog post you could updated existing learning VMs, not just the new ones. It wasn't clear. Sorry for hi-jacking the comments.

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