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We're proud to present the 67 recorded presentations from PuppetConf 2012, along with the official photos on our Flickr account. There's something for everyone in the PuppetConf talks, with speakers from EMC, PayPal, Splunk, VMware, Pinterest, and many others. Not ready to choose? We’ve picked out a few for you to start off with:

Tim Bell's keynote on CERN "Accelerating Science with Puppet" left many attendees in a state of excited shock—watch out, it may happen to you, too.

Jesse Newland's "Puppet at GitHub" talk was hailed on twitter as "the DevOps missing link" and “a seminal moment in DevOps” when it went live. Learn about ChatOps and how Github keeps things simple.

Deepak Giridharagopal gave a powerful preview into the tactical benefits of PuppetDB in "Intro to Puppet DB".

And check out Jordan Sissel’s excellent talk on "logging: logstash and other things", Jez Humble’s "The Deployment Pipeline: from check-in to release", and R. Tyler Croy’s "We'll Do It Live: Operations Anti-Patterns".

If you were at the PuppetConf, you likely already know what talks you're waiting to see. With presenters in 5 rooms simultaneously, it could be a hard pick. Now pick them all from the comfort of your home or office in this handy schedule! Each link leads to the video of the talk:

PuppetConf: Thursday Sept. 27, 2012

Robertson Fisher Meeting Room 1 Meeting Room 2 Meeting Room 3 Hands on Labs & Tutorials – 4
9:00 Keynote in Robertson – Luke Kanies
9:30 Keynote in Robertson – Paul Strong, VMware
10:00 Keynote in Robertson – Gene Kim
10:30 Break
10:45 Better Living Through Statistics: Monitoring Doesn’t Have To Suck – Jamie Wilkinson The State of User Experience in Puppet - Randall Hansen Puppet 101: Getting Started Small – Chad Metcalf Puppet in the Trenches: Guerrilla DevOps at Braintree – Paul Hinze Automated Configuration of Firmware – Michael Arnold 10:45-11:45am Developing Puppet for Network Devices – Nan Liu
11:30 Puppet at GitHub – Jesse Newland Using Puppet as a service to maintain hundreds of OpenStack deployments – Christopher Aedo Discovering & Creating Great Puppet Modules with the Puppet Forge – Ryan Coleman One-man-orchestra: puppet+augeas+hiera – Dmitry Shevrin Testing puppet without Puppet – Dominic Maraglia
12:05 Lunch
1:15 Puppet at Wikimedia – Ryan Lane External Data – Hiera, ENC’s – Kelsey Hightower Geppetto 3.0 – New Release, New Cool Features – Henrik Lindberg Puppet and Fedora, Jon Stanley Accelerate IT deployments with Puppet & VMware Application Director, Komal Mangtani 1:15- 2:15pm Using the Puppet Forge to quickly build out Infrastructure – Ryan Coleman
2:00 Puppet at Pinterest – Ryan Park Intro to Puppet DB – Deepak Giridharagopal A Recovering Sysadmin’s Guide to Building a Cloud – Dave Nalley Extending Puppet with Ruby – Dan Bode Evolution of Scale – Adam Kosmin
2:45 Advanced Vagrant Usage with Puppet – Mitchell Hasimoto What’s New in Puppet 3.0? – Eric Sorenson One-man Ops – Jos Boumans Using Service Oriented Operation and Provisioning at Financial Times – Emeka Mosanya Automating the Dev in DevOps – Anders Wallgren 2:20-3:50pm Puppet’s ENC Interface for External Node Classification – Kelsey Hightower
3:20 Ice cream break sponsored by Google!
3:50 The Deployment Pipeline – From Check-in to Release – Jez Humble Scaling a Multi-tenant Puppet System – Pascal Hahn Going from Zero to Puppet – Pedro Pessoa Reading from the Puppet Data Library – Nick Lewis Puppet Partner Program, Part 1 – Scott Campbell 3:50-5:20 pm- Data separation with Hiera – Kelsey Hightower
4:35 Puppet at Demonware – Ruaidhri Power We’ll Do it Live: Operations Anti-Patterns – R Tyler Croy Puppet in Production – 10 Things We Learned the Hard Way – Matt Finlayson Continuous, Fact-Driven Configuration Testing – Kenn Hussey Puppet Partner Program, Part 2 – Scott Campbell
5:30 to 7:30 VMware Social – Open Bar and Appetizers in the Atrium

PuppetConf: Friday Sept. 28, 2012

Robertson Fisher Meeting Room 1 Meeting Room 2 Meeting Room 3 Hands on Labs & Tutorials – 4
9:00 Keynote in Robertson – Dan Hushon, EMC
9:30 Keynote in Robertson- Tim Bell, CERN
10:00 Keynote in Robertson – Joachim “Jok” Thuau, SpaceX
10:30 Break – PuppetConf & Fedora co-branded t-shirts available for pick up in Atrium!
10:45 Collaboratively managing the OpenStack project with Puppet – Monty Taylor State of the Community – James Turnbull Putting the Science Back in Computer Science: From Deming and Goldratt to Devops – Jon Willis powered by puppet – Karanbir Singh Package management and Puppet – Sam Kottler 10:45-11:45am – Getting started with EC2 provisioning using Cloud Provisioner – Carl Caum
11:30 Razor : DevOps + Bare-metal Provisioning – Nick Weaver 7 Tools for Your Puppetized Devops Stack – Kris Buytaert A Getting Started Guide for Developers to Using Puppet Forge/Vagrant – Erica Mitchell Scaling Exported Monitoring Resources – Christian Larsen Deploying OpenStack Clusters with Puppet – Robert Starmer
12:05 Lunch
1:15 Splunk & Puppet for Compliance – Eddie Satterly (will be fixed soon) Managing Cloud Images with Custom Report Processors – Carl Caum Getting Started with Contributing to Puppet and Facter – Ruth Linehan, Tesca Fitzgerald, Hailee Kenney Puppet Enterprise and Spiceworks for Heterogenous Networks – Neal Brown Why You Should Move to Portland – Skip Newberry, Jared Wiener & Eric Sorenson 1:15 – 2:15 – Managing Google Compute as Resources – Dan Bode
2:00 Logging: Logstash and Other Things – Jordan Sissel Managing F5 LTM with Puppet - Bret McMillan and Matthew Carpenter The Design and Mindset Behind Managing Systems via Puppet – Terry Zink Using Puppet Enterprise Edition as Heterogeneous Cloud Glue – Jonathan Spinks Designing for DevOps – Chris Kelly
2:45 The Setup: Managing an Army of Developer Laptops with Puppet – Will Farrington Foreman and Friends – Ohad Levy Private Cloud Integration with Eucalyptus and Puppet – Greg Dekoenigsberg Puppet Modules for Fun and Profit – Alessandro Franceschi Automating secure server baselines with Puppet – Andrew Hay 2:20 – 3:50 pm – Deploying with Razor – Nan Liu
3:20 Break
3:50 Configuration Management at CERN – Ben Jones Scaling Puppet or How we do it at Mozilla – Justin Dow The Balance of Packaging vs Puppet Manifests – Michael Stahnke Continuous Integration when Infrastructure is the Product – Barry Jaspan 3:20 – 5:20pm – Building OpenStack private clouds with Puppet – Dan Bode
4:35 Red, Green, Re-provision. Test driving Operations – R Tyler Cory Puppet at PayPal – Owen Smith What Just Happened? Leveraging Puppet & Boundary to Manage Dynamic Environments – Molly Stamos Certified for Success – Puppet’s new Certification Program – Ralph Luchs

Watching videos from home is pretty swank, but nothing stands up to watching them alongside peers who understand exactly how interesting what's going on is—not to mention the socials, swag, networking, and drinks. Sign up to be the first to know when information about PuppetConf 2013 is available!

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