2010: Year in Review

Published on 26 January 2011 by

2010 was a landmark year for Puppet Labs. We were able to grow and offer more than we ever thought possible. As we look ahead to our next release, our growing user group community, and various other projects, we are excited to keep the momentum going. For a quick review of the year, we've compiled a timeline of 2010.

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Case Study: Citrix Systems Eliminates Configuration Drift with Puppet

Published on 7 January 2011 by

Citrix Systems offers a wide array of virtualization, networking, and SaaS solutions to users in any location and on any device. This large enterprise software company runs an IT infrastructure that is constantly under migration, with many systems in different stages of development. Citrix needed a way to keep a closer eye on their machines—to ensure they were properly configured, exert fine-grained control over system configurations, and accurately track and report the status of any given system at any given time.

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