Farewell Michael DeHaan!

Published on 7 July 2010 by

We're sad to announce that our Product Manager, Michael DeHaan, has decided to take up a new role .  Michael came on board as Puppet Labs began to expand and has been criss-crossing the country evangelizing Puppet and talking to customers and community. Unfortunately for us he's got an offer he couldn't refuse, outside of open source software (gasp!), and a bit closer to home.  We're really sorry to see him go and we wish him good luck on his next endeavor.

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Here comes 2.6: It's eleventy times better!

Published on 24 June 2010 by

So we're excited to announce that the 2.6 release is nearly ready and we'll be putting out a beta release shortly.  It's taken longer than we'd planned but the end result is packed full of new features and functionality.  We're really excited about some of those features and where they'll allow you to take Puppet.

As there are so many new features we'd like to begin to introduce you to some of the new hotness in 2.6 in the form of a series of introductory blog posts.  Posts written by the people who've been involved in producing and bringing those features to life.

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