The Marionette Collective version 1.0.1 and 1.1.2

Published on 22 February 2011 by

We are pleased to announce two releases of The Marionette Collective.

The first is release 1.0.1 in our production branch. In line with the our community commitment to maintain a production branch this only contains a few bug fixes, the biggest one being that the YAML fact source retained facts that might have been deleted in its cache. Production users should upgrade to this release. On a related note, this release will be included in the next Ubuntu release along with RabbitMQ and he Rabbit STOMP adapter.

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Why Jason McKerr Joined the Puppet Labs Team

Published on 21 February 2011 by

I am enormously pleased to be starting at Puppet Labs in a couple of weeks. I believe that it's not hyperbole to say that Puppet Labs is one of the coolest companies in the country, and we are fortunate to have them in Portland. Puppet leads the industry in systems management. I asked people about the software when I started interviewing, and their overwhelming response was: "Oh yeah, we use Puppet." I took that as strong endorsement, because a tech company has two things at its core: people and technology. And people like using Puppet.

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Getting the most out of Puppet Camp

Published on 17 February 2011 by

As Puppet Camp draws closer, many of you are inevitably balancing the costs and benefits of attending camp. Perhaps you don't want to lose a few days at the office, or maybe the flight and hotel fees have you worried. Here are some helpful points that will help alleviate any concerns you might have, and some tips to help you get the most out of your experience at Puppet Camp.

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T-shirt Contest

Published on 11 February 2011 by

I've reached in and plucked out the last men's medium, the smalls have been gone for months, I overstocked on XXLs and there's a rumor around these parts that they might get tied together to make a hammock. Yes folks, it's true, we're out of t-shirts. Like its predecessor "Because SSH and a ‘for’ loop doesn’t cut it", "I pull the strings around here" has to be retired.

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Puppet Enterpise and Built-in Support

Published on 8 February 2011 by

Puppet Enterprise has a significant built-in support package. This is above and beyond anything we've been able to offer on the open source option, and we're excited about moving to the next level. That being said, we're especially pleased that we've been able to remove some of the major needs for support calls. Because the software is not constantly in flux, it is more stable, better tested, and we are able to provide a faster support response.

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