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Why Jason McKerr Joined the Puppet Labs Team

I am enormously pleased to be starting at Puppet Labs in a couple of weeks. I believe that it's not hyperbole to say that Puppet Labs is one of the coolest companies in the country, and we are fortunate to have them in Portland. Puppet leads the industry in systems management. I asked people about the software when I started interviewing, and their overwhelming response was: "Oh yeah, we use Puppet." I took that as strong endorsement, because a tech company has two things at its core: people and technology. And people like using Puppet. (Okay, I may have heard a grumble or two about inheritance, but we'll work on it.) I'm excited to join the team. The staff is outstanding, the management team has a great track record, and Luke Kanies is a visionary in the field. The Board of Directors is a who's-who of "how to build companies and get things done." I was attracted to Puppet Labs because it's open source—it's great to see an intersection of good people, good technology, good business, and open source. Oregon (and Portland in particular) has become a flash point for open source, and Puppet is in a great position to capitalize on some of that success in the business sector. Now that we know why I joined, I'd like to talk about what happens next. Puppet Enterprise 1.0 was released earlier this month, and the team nailed down a great product. This release is a huge step in the product development direction for Puppet Labs. With Puppet Enterprise, you get great features for scale, integration, service, and support. With Puppet and Puppet Enterprise, the company meets the needs of the System Administrator and the CIO; the technology and the business. We will continue evolving the product to deliver on the ideal of being "your sysadmin's best friend." Sysadmins and Puppet are BFF, but CIO's can play, too. In discussing Puppet Enterprise, I want to reiterate what Luke has said in the past: we are not going to have one product that almost works and one that is Enterprise. Puppet and Puppet Enterprise are products designed to solve specific problems for specific people. Neither will be neutered, and Puppet Labs will stay committed to open source and the community alongside its commercial customers. We are committed is to building great products for all users. Lastly, we've got a lot to do. Some of my goals in the short term: help Puppet develop some of its internal processes, make sure the community is involved in the product, build and communicate our product road map, and deliver the goods. Our goal is not to "under-promise and over-deliver;" it is simply to promise and deliver. In that regard, I have a lot to learn. I'm interested in what all Puppet users have to say. I'm interested in learning how users and customers are using the product, in hearing about process and development from developers in the company and in the Puppet Community: Features, ideas, bugs, likes, hates; things we're doing right, and things we're doing wrong. You can reach me at jason@puppetlabs.com. -Jason McKerr
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