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Puppet Labs' third annual DevOps survey closed last Friday. Co-created with Gene Kim, Jez Humble, and Nicole Forsgren Velasquez, our goals are to cut through the hype and address some of the big questions about the advantages companies are getting from DevOps practices and cultural changes.

To answer these questions, we'll be crunching this data over the next few months. We can share some of the basic demographic numbers now, and we'll be sure to let you know as soon as the full analysis is available. Without further ado:

Who took the survey?

9,282 people completed the survey. That's more than double the respondents from our 2012 survey!

Respondents hailed from 110 different countries from around the world — though the United States (46.2 percent) had by far the largest showing. Thanks to the Bay Area, Californians were strongly represented.

DevOps Survey respondents by country and state

People responded from companies of all different sizes:

Organization size by number of employees

Respondents also work with a wide variety of infrastructure setups. The below numbers include servers from all physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Infrastructure size by number of servers

And what we thought was most interesting, answers to, "What department do you work in?" showed that DevOps departments are real, and a significant number of people are part of them. We'll be looking into what this means when coupled with other data points.

Infrastructure size by number of servers

The remaining 24 percent of respondents were split between 12 other categories, including SQA, consultants, C-levels, and information security.

Thank you!

None of our analysis would be possible without the effort of the 9,282 respondents who took our survey. We'd like to thank each and every one of you for helping to keep the data accurate and robust.

Everyone who completed the survey was automatically entered into a drawing to win a PS4, XBox One, ticket to PuppetConf, or one of 20 IT prize packs (tech books and t-shirts). We've reached out to all our winners, but want to thank them again for helping us gather such amazing data.

Grand prize winners: Scott Buffington, Aaron Hilton, Kevin Snow

Prize pack winners: Joseph Yuhas, Levi DeHaan, Vanach Pathomsuriyan, Karthik Gudodagi, Elango Muthu, Anthony Turner, Hooi Phian Beng, Guenter Gyrnich, David Joos, Dave Carrigan, Hilary Nguyen, Giorgio Grillini, Tim Shubitz, Jose Salcedo, Adam Peacock, Dmitry Korzhevin, Jay St. Gelais, Daniel Lawrence, Chris Ricker, Markus Linke

Thank you for helping us shed light on what's going on in IT. We're looking forward to digging into the responses and sharing our findings.

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