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On October 19, I attended Puppet Camp Nuremberg and walked into a packed room with over 140 people ranging from Puppet experts to people who were interested in starting to use Puppet. The day started with James Turnbull giving a talk on the State of Puppet followed by quite a few case studies from different companies about how they are using Puppet and related technologies at Nokia, Eucalyptus, eBay, Mayflower and more. A huge thank you to the team at NETWAYS for organizing such a great event and making all of the content available online.

The best news is that they are doing another Puppet Camp Nuremberg on April 19, 2013. The Puppet Camp Nuremberg CFP is open now if you want to speak at the event, or you can register to attend.

Wondering what you missed at Puppet Camp Nuremberg? Watch any of the presentations here:

James Turnbull speaking on "The Current State of Puppet"

Pascal Hahn speaking on "Managing Puppet with Jenkins and GIT"

Olivier Renault speaking on "Using Puppet to Build Smart Private/Hybrid Clouds"

Peter Simon and Uwe Stuehler speaking on "Agile Operations with Puppet"

Patrick Otto speaking on "Learning Through Mistakes and Pain - One Year with Puppet"

Ken Barber speaking on "Modern Module Development Usage"

Thomas Gelf speaking on "Talking with Puppet"

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