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Last year, over 4,000 people responded to our DevOps survey, giving us lots of great insight into the ways DevOps culture and practices are evolving. We've put together a short video summarizing some of our key findings from that survey, including:

  • How fast adoption of DevOp practices is increasing
  • Metrics for how DevOps increases agility and reliability
  • Two common practices of high-performing organizations
  • Tips for overcoming barriers via a DevOps action plan
  • Some of the DevOps skills and cultural traits that hiring managers are looking for

Check out the video summary here:

Some of these insights were so rich and valuable that we’re running the DevOps survey again this year. If you haven’t responded yet, then please take 10 minutes to fill out our questionnaire and help flesh out some of these trends.

Not only will you enter yourself for a chance to win a free ticket to PuppetConf 2014, a PS4 console or an XBox One, or some great tech books -- you’ll also be helping provide data for a report that will help you make the case for why DevOps practices are so important to your business. In the meantime, you can check out our State of DevOps report from last year for more details.

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