Use OSP Assist and get your OSP info from the source

I don’t know about you, but right now I want anything and everything available to help make my job easier. If you’re an Open Source Puppet (OSP) user, consider this information a job aid.

We’ve been busy building and iterating on resources and services that save you time, help your productivity and provide you information you just can’t get elsewhere. Why Google when you can go straight to the source?

“Where do I find this trove of treasure?”

Glad you asked!

The OSP Assist portal has heaps of information authored by Puppet team members. Content is sorted by category to make it easier to find and while some of the info and tooling is only available to subscribers, there’s a bunch that’s open to all.

We just made all the content in the Best Practices section accessible to all viewers, for example. You’ll find advice and how-to content that will save you a ton of time. Each article in this section was written by a current Puppet professional services engineer who cut their teeth as an OSP practitioner. Their task: “Write down everything you wish you had known when you were a practitioner.”

One of my favorites is “Deploying code: What the heck is a control repo?

You’re all busy, I understand. But take a little time to check out the Portal — it’ll lead to a lot of time saved down the road.

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