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We have a new series of Puppet Camps coming up around the world in the first couple of months of 2015, and we are looking for speakers!

We have Calls for Proposals (CFPs) open for a variety of locations. This is your chance to talk about all of the interesting ways that you are using Puppet technologies in your environment! Keep in mind that your proposal must be for a technical talk (no pitches) that is primarily (more than 50%) about using Puppet technologies. Case studies with details about how you used Puppet to solve a problem in your environment make great sessions. Since more than half of the attendees identify as beginners, we are looking for mostly beginner sessions, but we may accept 1 or 2 intermediate sessions.

Please submit your talk proposal to one or more of these upcoming Puppet Camps:

Puppet Camp Portland on January 12

Puppet Camp Amsterdam on January 27

Puppet Camp Phoenix on February 17

Puppet Camp LA on February 19 (at SCALE)

Puppet Camp Austin on March 10

Puppet Camp Denver on March 12

Puppet Camp Berlin on April 24 (at OSDC)

We also expect to have more camps coming up soon in places like San Francisco, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and many more, so keep an eye on our Puppet Camp page for more details and newly scheduled camps.

We would also like to encourage you to attend our Puppet Contributor Summit on February 4 in Ghent, Belgium right after FOSDEM and ConfigManagementCamp. We don't do talk proposals for the Puppet Contributor Summit, since most of the time is spent hacking on code at tables with other Puppet users, but we will have lightning talk signups on the day of the event, so you should think about doing a lightning talk.

However, FOSDEM and ConfigManagementCamp are accepting proposals if you wanted to speak at one of those co-located events.

Puppet Contributor Summit in Ghent, Belgium on February 4, 2015

FOSDEM in Brussels, Belgium on January 31 and February 1, 2015

ConfigManagementCamp in Ghent Belgium on February 2 and 3, 2015

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