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Reductive Labs is pleased to announce the availability of Puppet 0.25.2. The 0.25.2 release is a significant maintenance release in the 0.25.x branch and represents a significant amount of work from the Puppet community. Special thanks to everyone who contributed to the release and tested fixes – especially, but not limited to, Peter Meier (duritong), R.I.Pienaar (Volcane), Mark Plaskin, Dan Bode, Alan Harder, Ricky Zhou, Christian Hofstaedtler, Nigel Kersten, and especially Markus Roberts and Jesse Wolfe who worked around the clock to get the release out the door.

In this release we closed 123 open tickets, and while this release was primarily a bug fix release, we additionally increased our functionality in various environments (such as Solaris and HPUX), reduced our memory footprint and improved our error reporting.  We now pass 100% of the spec tests, have improved threading and lock contention (clearing up several causes of system hangs), improved certificate handling, improved symlink handling and improved passenger support.

The release is available at:


The Puppet Team at Reductive Labs

About Reductive Labs

Based in Portland, OR, Reductive Labs provides next-gen IT automation, enabling IT organizations to manage infrastructure as code so they can provide higher service levels with less staff. Reductive Lab’s flagship offering, Puppet, significantly improves the automation and management of IT operations for large scale, fast growing, transaction-driven businesses, which are facing unprecedented cost pressures, reduced headcount, and increased support demands. Puppet’s knowledge-based approach creates an audit trail that delivers a new level of transparency so that IT teams can implement change more consistently, accurately and rapidly over the lifecycle of the systems. For more information, please visit

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