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CEO and Puppet Labs founder Luke Kanies kicked off PuppetConf 2013 with a keynote speech where he said automation and DevOps will drive IT's future.

Luke Kanies keynotes PuppetConf 2013

The IT space has been changing very fast over the past few years, with seemingly everything going to the cloud. But really, it’s not an evenly distributed movement. Advanced enterprises like Google and Amazon are using cloud in ways that are far advanced of where most companies are today – but all companies know they need to jump on the business opportunities that cloud can enable. They’re just not sure how to get there.

Sysadmins do have an idea of how to get there, Luke said. “We know you shouldn’t build one-off things with shell scripts and bubble gum, and we know it’s better to work on things with a group.” It’s all about automating the things that can be automated; it’s about abstracting to a level where you can automate still more; and it’s about DevOps – developers and sysadmins working closely together to realize the goals of the business.

The Puppet community is a huge part of the shift to the IT of the future, Luke said. “Five years from now, we expect the world to look different. And you are all part of that change.” It’s a warm and friendly community, made up of people who answer each other’s questions, comment on each other’s code, and help each other solve the problems that, in aggregate, are changing IT into a strategic part of business operations. PuppetConf2013_Day02_053.jpg The role of the community – sysadmins, customers and partners – is just as important to the development of Puppet Enterprise as it’s been to the development of open source Puppet. Puppet Enterprise is now integrated with Juniper and Cisco networking equipment, and that’s just the beginning of extending the technology fully into the world of software-defined infrastructure.

Luke said large technology companies see the promise of this changing IT world. That’s why Puppet Labs is growing, as evidenced by placing at No. 120 among the 500 fastest-growing companies in the United States. VMware has invested heavily in Puppet Labs, and with good reason: VMware helps companies realize the business benefits of virtualization, and combining VMware with Puppet Enterprise gets you to the benefits faster.

Halfway through Luke’s keynote, he called on Joe Wagner of Puppet Labs’ user experience group to offer a preview demo of Puppet Enterprise's new events inspector. The new interface feature another demonstration of the overall goal and purpose of Puppet Enterprise: to help sysadmins get maximum visibility into heterogeneous systems, with the confidence that the management system that works so well today will work just as well two years from now. “We’re creating a product we can make long-term promises on,” Luke said.

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