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We'd like to invite you to join us for #puppethack, a collaborative, informal online Puppet community hack day! #puppethack is an opportunity for Puppet community members and Puppet Labs’ employees to tackle interesting or fun Puppet projects. We'll gather online on Thursday, December 4, 2014, get to know each other, and collaborate on pull requests for modules and code.

Perhaps you've previously attended a Puppet Triage-a-Thon? #puppethack is the natural evolution of that event. The Triage-a-Thon was created several years ago to deal with a ticket pileup, at a time when we had fewer resources dedicated to keeping track of bugs. To reflect our community's current interests and needs, we've moved the event away from its origins in bug backlogs, and re-envisioned it as a community hack day. We've renamed it after the IRC channel where everyone gathers for the event: #puppethack!

It's an event for intermediate/advanced Puppet users, contributors, developers, module authors, doc writers, and anyone else contributing to the Puppet community. Interested? Register for #puppethack (it's free, of course):

For those looking for other contributor events to attend, you're in luck. We host four Contributor Events a year: two Contributor Summits (in-person events) and two #puppethacks (online events). If you're interested in attending a Contributor Summit, our next one is in Ghent, Belgium on February 4, 2015 .

We hope you'll join us online for #puppethack December 4th! We'll be in the #puppethack IRC channel on Freenode. You're welcome to drop in at any point during the day, as the event has extended hours to reflect the many timezones that Puppet contributors call home. We look forward to collaborating with you!

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I'm happy to share that the Austin Puppet Users Group will be having an on-site meet up for #hackday open to the community register to come in, hang out, hack on puppet, share ideas and code away. If you're in the Austin Area and want to network with peers and pair / group program - signup for the event and join us at HomeAway and we'll have lunch & snacks available.

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