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Automating your infrastructure involves a shift in thinking. You might think you can just deploy Puppet and away you go — everything is automated! But automating infrastructure can be more complex than that.

You need to understand the decisions and tradeoffs to make around code promotion, workflows, what has the most value, and more. For example:

  • What do I automate first?
  • Which Puppet tooling should I leverage?
  • What resources are available to get started?

Your answers to these questions will have a long-term impact on the viability of your Puppet deployment and your overall happiness. So, ready to get started?

Download the Learning VM

First, be sure to check out the Learning VM, along with its companion Quest Guide, to help you quickly level up on Puppet. Explore the technology in depth and master the Puppet Enterprise console; learn to write and use Puppet modules from the Puppet Forge; and delve into Puppet resources, manifests, facts and more.

Evaluate Puppet Enterprise

The Learning VM comes with Puppet Enterprise pre-installed to help you familiarize yourself with its capabilities. You probably want to evaluate Puppet Enterprise on your existing infrastructure. No problem! Download Puppet Enterprise now, and use it for free on up to 10 nodes.

Five tips to get you started

Finally, here is a collection of tips in infographic form, based on what Puppet experts have learned about deploying and managing Puppet. These tips can help ensure your success with Puppet. Congratulations on taking the first step!

5 tips for Puppet infographic

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