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Puppet Labs was lucky enough to have two Google Summer of Code (GSOC) students working with us this past summer.  This was our first year working with the program and we got some results that the Puppet community will hopefully be able to start using soon.

One of our biggest challenges in working with the students was giving them consistent support while we dealt with our own rapidly changing environment that included a lot of new hires who also had to be trained, myself included.  I learned right along with the students as they figured out how to write puppet types and providers.  Thankfully, longer term community members such as Luke, James and Markus were there to answer questions and steer development.

Libvirt - Carla Araujo (Federal University of Campina Grande)

Carla noticed a need that Distributed Systems Laboratory had for managing virtual machines with Puppet, so she set out to create a solution.  Her libvirt module has support for Xen and KVM virtual machines.  If that sounds like something you could use checkout her code and fire up some virtual instances.

Network Interfaces - William Van Hevelingen (Portland State University)

William set out to fill a gap that many Puppet users have been wanting filled: managing network interfaces.  William had the benefit of being local to Portland where all the Puppet Labs developers work, so he was able to get some face time and pairing sessions on his project.  While he made great progress in his development, a bug in Facter and a difficult to parse Ubuntu interfaces file limited the scope of his solution.  However, William is continuing to work on the code past the deadline and continues to make progress.  If you are interested in his work and think you can help, feel free to take a look at his code and send him a message on github.

William had the following to say about his GSOC experience:

  • I learned a lot about developing open source and working with an existing source repository
  • I had a great time learning how to develop on Puppet and I plan to continue to contribute
  • Puppet Labs was very helpful and supportive
  • The Puppet community definitely encouraged and helped with the creation of my network module

Thanks to our GSOC students for their hard work this summer. We're glad it was a positive experience and look forward to getting more Summer of Code students next year.

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