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Puppet Module Bounty: Logstash, Riak, and Graphite

We're always looking to add awesome Puppet modules to the Puppet Forge. We often get requests for modules for stuff we aren't working on, but we know there are community members with tons of experience, or private modules covering the material. We're launching a contest to get these modules polished and published on the Puppet Forge. In short, we're hoping to generate interest in a few of our favorite tools.

Rules of the Contest

To win, you'll publish the best example of one of these three modules on the Puppet Forge. Ryan Coleman (your Puppet Forge and module product owner) and I will judge based on the following criteria. The three bounty modules are:

  • Module to install/setup/configure logstash
  • Module to install/setup/configure riak
  • Module to install/setup/configure graphite

These modules should contain thorough documentation and be generic enough to drop into most environments. I know many people already have modules in their environments to do these things, so clean them up and get them submitted! To turn in a module for review, upload it to the Puppet Forge, and then tweet @ryanycoleman. Modules will be reviewed as they come in, and submissions are open until September 10th. Bounties may be claimed before the 10th if the module is worthy, so early submissions have a bit of an edge. We'd love for these to be Apache 2.0 licensed if possible.

Module Criteria:


  • Your submission must be made to the Puppet Forge (forge.puppetlabs.com).
  • Modules must work on Ubuntu Precise, EL6 and Debian 6. Working on other platforms is a bonus, and will help with final evaluation.
  • Daemons must be controllable via init systems, so that might mean writing or patching some init scripts as well.
  • Modules must ship with clear documentation that describes how to use the module, what the module will do, and any pre-requisites.


  • Prefer defined types or native resource types over execs.
  • Puppet manifests should pass the puppet-lint test (warnings are okay, failures are not).
  • When possible, don't install software from source. Packages from repositories are a huge plus.


  • Working on more platforms than required
  • rspec-puppet tests
  • proof of using the module in production in some way
  • Apache 2.0 licensed

Modules can be complex (if you want to break things out onto separate roles), but may also be simple (like an intro-to-the-technology modules). We'd really like to avoid installing from source, so package repositories are a huge plus. You're more than welcome to depend on other Puppet Forge modules.


We're offering $75 Amazon Gift Cards and the (not yet released) new Puppet t-shirt to the winners.

We're looking forward to seeing your modules!

(Mike and Ryan, excited to see your modules.)

Remember, just upload your module to the Puppet Forge and tweet @ryanycoleman to let us know you're entering the contest.

EDIT: The fine folks at Basho are offering some additional goodness—check the comments for details on increased incentives in schwag and awesome conference ticket. We'd also like to open the comment section up as a "resources" section—if you have code or knowledge that may be useful for one of these modules, feel free to drop it there if you want to help other people out.

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