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Puppet joins the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

We’re excited to share that Puppet has joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. As the cloud continues to play a transformative role in the success of shifts to continuous delivery and DevOps, we’re rapidly seeing our customers adopting cloud-native architectures, where applications are designed (or redesigned) using a microservices architecture and packaged as a set of containers running in a container orchestration system like Kubernetes. This approach unlocks the true magic of the cloud, with benefits like agility, more rapid development cycles, scalability and greater performance.

As CNCF members, we’re looking forward to engaging with the cloud native community to help accelerate the ongoing development, growth and adoption of cloud native technologies, while also bringing insights from the community back into Puppet to shape how we build our own products and how we help and advise our customers. The CNCF plays an instrumental role in fostering the community for cloud native technologies such as Kubernetes, Prometheus and Envoy](https://github.com/envoyproxy/envoy), and we’re big supporters of their mission to make cloud native computing ubiquitous.

See you at KubeCon next week!

We’re a sponsor for KubeCon + Cloud Native Con next week in Seattle, and hope to see you there! We’ll be hanging out at the exhibit hall, attending sessions, and we’re hosting a half-day workshop on Monday, December 10 on-site at the convention center called Getting to Continuous Delivery for your Cloud Native Applications. This interactive workshop will get you hands-on with topics like:

  • Provisioning and managing Kubernetes clusters.
  • Creating continuous delivery pipelines for your cloud-native applications and automating the build-test-deploy workflow for containers running in Kubernetes.
  • Using Helm charts to deploy Kubernetes resources and applications.
  • Sharing and reusing Helm charts via a Helm Chart repository.
  • Creating, provisioning and orchestrating cloud resources and services

If you are attending KubeCon and would like to register to participate in our workshop, you can do so here. There is a registration fee of $25 per person to participate, and we’re donating 100% of proceeds to the CNCF diversity scholarship fund.

Omri Gazitt is Chief Product Officer at Puppet

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