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Puppet Forge: subscribe to notifications for module releases

The Forge now supplies an RSS feed for all modules. These RSS feeds document each release and are intended to notify you of any new releases of modules you care about. Module releases contain bug fixes and additional features that may be useful for your infrastructure.


If you’d like to receive email notifications instead of RSS feed notifications, there are many online services for that. For example:

Accessing the RSS feed

Navigating to the RSS feed you want is an easy and intuitive process and can be done in two ways.

First, you can navigate to the feed for any module by using a new link you'll see on each module page. It appears to the right of the module name and to the right of the Project URL and Report issues links.


Second, simply adding /rss to any module page's URL will take you to the feed. For example, https://forge.puppet.com/puppetlabs/apache/rss will take you directly to the RSS feed for the puppetlabs-apache module.

RSS feed elements

The RSS feeds on the Forge use the RSS 2.0 specification. The channel element represents the module as a whole, and each item inside the channel represents a single release. The RSS feed provides various URL links:

  • to the Forge module page
  • to the release page for a specific version
  • to the Forge API for a specific release version
  • and to the downloadable module file for each release.


Inside the channel element, there are two fields with valuable information: the title and the link. The description is a required element for any RSS feed, so it is included, but it is currently left blank because we have no use for it.


Each item element represents a single release of the RSS feed. An item can have the following fields.

  • title - The slug for the given release (e.g., puppetlabs-apache-1.8.1).
  • link - The URL of the Forge’s release page that correspond to this RSS feed.
  • description - The version number of this release.
  • pubDate - The date this release was published (in the form 2016-02-09).
  • enclosure - This has three pieces of information:
    • http - The URL to download the tarball of this release.
    • length - The size of the tar file, in bytes.
    • type - The file type (always application/x-gzip).
  • guid - isPermaLink has the value true, and it contains the Forge API URL for this release.
  • source - A link to the RSS feed this item is found on.

Subscribing to a module’s RSS feed is the best way to stay up to date on the latest versions of modules you use. Before the RSS feeds were added, you’d have to manually check for updates on each and every one of the modules you use. These updates could be bug fixes, new features, newly supported platforms or Puppet versions, or security patches, and subscribing to RSS feeds will put all this information in one place where you can find it.

Austin Blatt is an engineering intern at Puppet.

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