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This week Puppet Labs released version 1.1 of Puppet Enterprise. During the 1.0 launch, we committed to expand the number of platforms supported, and this release is focused on just that. In addition to new platform support, we have changed the number of free licenses from 2 to 10. With 2 nodes, some of the evaluation options were limited. With 10, you should be able to deploy a small lab environment and learn about the value of Puppet Enterprise on your systems.

Version 1.1 introduces some new platforms with support for master and agent. Those are:

  • RHEL 6
  • SLES 11

We also added support for the puppet agent on:

  • Solaris (SPARC and Intel)
  • RHEL 4
  • CentOS 4

This complements our existing support on:

  • RHEL 5
  • CentOS 5
  • Debian 5
  • Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Additional effort went into Puppet Enterprise supporting the major versions for RHEL/CentOS, rather than simply after the 5.5 release. You are now fully supported with Puppet Enterprise on RHEL/CentOS 5, regardless of operating system updates applied.

The Quality Assurance process for Puppet Enterprise 1.1 was also revamped to include more automated testing and regression testing. We migrated our manual testing effort into a continuous integration server that kicks off testing on every platform supported by Puppet Enterprise as soon as a code change happens. The continuous integration testing makes us more confident than ever that Puppet Enterprise 1.1 delivers an excellent systems management experience.

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