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Puppet Enterpise and Built-in Support

Puppet Enterprise has a significant built-in support package. This is above and beyond anything we've been able to offer on the open source option, and we're excited about moving to the next level. That being said, we're especially pleased that we've been able to remove some of the major needs for support calls. Because the software is not constantly in flux, it is more stable, better tested, and we are able to provide a faster support response. One of the main ways we've tried to decrease the support needed is in installation: Puppet Enterprise is easier to install than Puppet. This is the backbone of the enterprise version, and it is fast and simple for anyone to install. Installation has been a hassle in the past because the open source product cannot be heavily pre-tested in a variety of environments, and it could not be easily packaged for specific operating systems. However, Puppet Enterprise is subject to a rigorous testing process that specifically addresses these concerns. Another benefit of the testing process is that Puppet Enterprise has standardized and consistent configuration. When support problems do come up, they are easier and faster to resolve because our test environments are identical to the environments in which Puppet Enterprise is used—we have a standard list of platforms we can promise Puppet Enterprise supports. Because of this familiarity, we can turn a problem report into demonstrated failure quickly, significantly cutting down on turnaround time. If something does go wrong, Puppet Enterprise offers a 24x7x365 support option. Should a problem come up, we're available and committed to handling it. And, in addition to rigorous in-house testing, the software benefits from being put to the test and discussed by the user community. While add-on modules are still available, Puppet Enterprise will be the latest, up-to-date, and certified update available for the integrated platform. Download Puppet Enterprise and try it out on two free nodes.

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