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Last month, we started posting monthly community metrics reports with all kinds of interesting information about the Puppet Community. Here is a quick summary of the October edition of the metrics for your reading pleasure, but you can also download the full October metrics report (PDF link).

October Metrics Summary:

  • 4864 members and 1249 messages in Puppet-Users
  • 899 members and 157 messages in Puppet-Dev
  • 916 nicks on #puppet IRC channel
  • 1731 Puppet Forge users and 577 modules
  • 3526 Redmine accounts
  • 399 forks / 1014 watchers of Puppet

For context, you can compare this to where we were six months ago in May 2012:

  • 3907 members and 843 messages in Puppet-Users
  • 751 members and 242 messages in Puppet-Dev
  • 739 nicks on #puppet IRC Channel
  • 1012 Forge users and 310 Forge modules
  • 2783 Redmine accounts
  • 298 forks / 696 watchers of Puppet

Top 5 participants (by number of lines posted) in the #Puppet IRC channel:

  • Volcane
  • lavaman
  • FriedBob
  • fubada
  • bubu\a

You can see the list of the top 20 people in the full report for October.

New this month, I've started gathering the top participants in each of our community mailing lists. I am including the top 5 contributors in the Puppet-Users mailing list, but you can see the full report for the top users in Puppet-Dev and Puppet-Razor.
Top 5 participants (by number of messages / replies posted) in the Puppet-Users list:

  • jcbollinger
  • Jeff McCune
  • Josh Cooper
  • Jakov Sosic
  • Worker Bee

We’re also continuing to do a better job of merging code and keeping the number of pull requests low in Puppet, at least compared to some past months. We can always do a better job of more quickly merging pull requests, but we’re continuing to work on improving this by focusing some time on this activity.

We also know that we have way too many outstanding issues in Redmine. Many of these issues are in various limbo states, and they just need people to go through and triage them. We're working on a way to better manage this process and make it easy for community contributors to help with the triage process. We hope to have this ready in the next couple of weeks.

The full metrics report for October (PDF link) has several other charts that I didn’t talk about here along with other details if you want to see more.

This month, I added some new data for contributions to our mailing lists, and I also hope to be adding additional details over the coming months. If there is additional data you’d like to see, let me know, and I’ll do what I can to get it included.

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