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I hope everyone had a nice holiday! As you probably know, we recently started posting monthly Puppet community metrics reports with all kinds of interesting information about the Puppet community. Here is a quick summary of the December 2012 edition of the metrics for your reading pleasure, but you can also download the full December Puppet metrics report.

December Metrics Summary

  • 5131 members and 887 messages in Puppet-Users
  • 941 members and 108 messages in Puppet-Dev
  • 919 nicks on #puppet IRC channel
  • 1942 Puppet Forge accounts and 726 modules
  • 3728 Redmine accounts
  • 444 forks / 1082 watchers of Puppet

Six Month Comparison (July 2012)

  • 4420 members and 1198 messages in Puppet-Users
  • 830 members and 120 messages in Puppet-Dev
  • 873 nicks on #puppet IRC channel
  • 1405 Puppet Forge accounts and 442 modules
  • 3064 Redmine accounts
  • 342 Forks / 904 watchers of Puppet

In December, we launched a new Ask Puppet Labs site where you can post your Puppet questions and answer questions from other people. Here is a snapshot of the top participants so far ...

Top 5 participants (by number of messages / replies posted) in the Puppet-Users list:

  • Jakov Sosic
  • jcbollinger
  • Pete
  • Gary Larizza
  • Ellison Marks

You can see the full report for the top 10 participants in the Puppet-users, Puppet-Dev, Puppet-Razor and MCollective mailing lists.

Top 5 participants (by number of lines posted) in the #Puppet IRC channel:

  • bluefoxxx
  • binford2k
  • Randm
  • Eduard_Munteanu
  • Volcane

You can see the list of the top 20 people in the full report.

The full metrics report for December has several other charts that I didn’t talk about here along with other details if you want to see more.

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