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We recently returned from a wonderful Puppet Camp Seattle at LISA '14. If you missed it, we have plenty of slides to share with you. LISA '14 was the 28th annual Large Installation System Administration Conference. Held in Seattle, Washington this year, it was a sharp gathering of minds from around the world. LISA is one of my favorite conferences, because many attendees have been going for years, and arrive excited to see old friends. People want to be there – they're sold on the purpose of the conference long before they arrive. It's a nice feeling for a conference to have.

Puppet Camp Seattle was embedded in LISA, so we entertained a mix of LISA attendees and Seattle locals. Mike Stahnke, director of engineering services, at Puppet Labs, kicked the event off with a Puppet Keynote. Mike’s keynote made the audience feel welcome, despite the absence of his customary hand drawn slides.

Next, Garrett Honeycutt from presented "Multiple Approaches To Managing Your Puppet Modules." Garrett has nearly 50 modules up on the Puppet Forge that he uses, writes, and maintains, so he knows a thing or two about managing modules! In his talk, he tours Puppetfile, librarian-puppet, librarian-puppet-simple, r10k, and the Puppet Forge in his search for the optimal tooling for deploying Puppet modules.

We had a last-minute talk cancellation by a speaker who suddenly couldn't make it, and Andy Parker valiantly stepped in and gave a fantastic talk on little notice. Andy's talk, "Puppet: Cloud Infrastructure as Code," incorporated elements of the history of computing from Henrik Lindberg's talk last year, and then delved into the Puppet language.

After a tasty lunch alongside LISA conference attendees, we returned to hear Ross Gardler, of Microsoft Open Technologies, talk about "Taming Heterogeneity and Hybridity". Ross explored how Puppet works on Windows to manage the complexity of the modern IT world by managing heterogeneous and hybrid environments.

Elizabeth Wittig gave an excellent demo of Puppet, and spent a while answering any and all audience questions. Following that, Thomas Uphill of Costco Wholesale talked about "Puppet Troubleshooting". Thomas examines some of the most common catalog compilation errors and how to deal with them. If you live in Seattle, join Thomas at the Seattle Puppet User Group!

To finish off the day, Jerome Petazzoni of Docker gave an intermediate level talk on "Docker and Puppet: 1+1=3". Jerome talked about Docker, the benefits of containers, and why Puppet and Docker-files are such good friends.

We finished off the event with a reception nearby, and of course, enjoyed two more days of LISA. We're already looking forward to next year!

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