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I always have a great time at our Puppet Camps, but I had an especially nice time at Puppet Camp Amsterdam. It was held in an old, renovated church situated right on the canals called De Rode Hoed ("The Red Hat"). While we didn't make people present from the pulpit or play the old pipe organ, both provided a pretty cool backdrop for the stage. Take a look, then read more:


A huge thank you to our fantastic sponsors who helped make the event possible. Thank you to Amazicsoft for helping us organize the event, CRI Service for sponsoring drinks at the reception, GOTO Amsterdam for sponsoring lunch, and Xebia for sponsoring! Luke Kanies, Puppet Labs founder and CEO, kicked off the day with the State of Puppet presentation where he talked about the current state of IT, DevOps, and how Puppet fits into the picture. At the evening social event, plenty of people took advantage of the opportunity to chat with him over beer on various Puppet topics.  It was great having Luke at Puppet Camp Amsterdam and London to deliver the keynote and chat with customers and other community members! Razor has been a hot topic lately as people are looking for a better solution to handle bare metal hardware and virtual server provisioning. A huge thank you to Jonas Rosland from EMC for flying in from Stockholm to talk about automated OS and application deployment using Razor and Puppet. If you missed his talk in London and Amsterdam, he's doing another Razor presentation at Puppet Camp Nuremberg on April 19. Github has been doing some really interesting work with Puppet, and it was great to have James Fryman talking about tips for refactoring Puppet! Some themes in his presentation included doing better testing, organizing and modularizing, and sharing your work, with a few cute kitties and Octocats thrown in along the way. Next up was our own Cody Herriges, who works in operations here at Puppet Labs. He talked about the work we've been doing at Puppet Labs to accelerate and unify network deployment with Puppet on Juniper. Testing was a common theme at Puppet Camp Amsterdam, and Daniele Sluijters from Nedap had an entire presentation about how and why you should test. Part of this talk revolved around using rspec-puppet and other tools that can make it much easier to test your Puppet code. Vladimir Lazarenko has been using Puppet since the very early days of the project, so it was really interesting to hear his story of Puppet @eBay Global Classifieds Group (eCG). He talked about how their use of Puppet has evolved over the years starting in 2008 to get to where they are now with an implementation spanning nine countries and 13 platforms with one codebase and one change management process. With so many people using AWS, it was great to have Mike Ryan talk about Puppet and AWS: getting the best of both worlds. He included a lot of great tips for scaling, using Vagrant/EC2, user data and more. Ger Apeldoorn gave a great introduction to Hiera, a relatively new tool a lot of people aren't yet using. He talked about what Hiera is, why you should use it, and how to get started; along with demos to show it working. We wrapped up the day with a Puppet demo from Stephen Johnson before we transitioned into the reception portion of the evening with drinks and plenty of discussions about a wide variety of Puppet and other technology topics. Thank you to everyone who joined us at Puppet Camp Amsterdam! If you missed it, you can get links to the presentations or view materials from other past Puppet Camps by visiting the Previous Puppet Camps section of the Puppet Camp page.

Puppet Camp Amsterdam took place in the beautiful De Rode Hoed

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